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M.A. Littler is one of the last remaining mavericks of independent film - dedicated to personal cinema made outside of the stronghold of the television & studio system.

Over the past 20 years, M.A. Littler's films have gathered an international cult following for their uncompromising aesthetic and portrayal of marginalized art & music, radical politics and maverick minds.


In his films and writing, he has displayed an unhidden affinity for outsiders of all sorts - radical intellectuals, outlaw historians, marginalized artists, obscure musicians, and holy con men. 


When asked about this, Littler says: 


"I'm interested in people who dance to their own beat, prototypes who fix their radio with a blow torch."


All films are available at


M.A. Littler's selected poems "Love Is An Ancient Disease" are available at Zinn Books.





2016 Armenia

The world-weary singer Haig Boghos embarks on a personal journey revisiting his family's history of genocide, exile, and diaspora. 


2014 Hard Soil – The Muddy Roots of American Music

Hard Soil traces the history and evolution of American Roots music and examines its social and cultural relevance in the 21st century.


2013 Lost Coast

Shot against the backdrop of California's most remote coastal region Lost Coast is a personal quest for transcendental values in troubled times and a quiet cinematic celebration of the beauty and immensity of the natural world.

2012 A Night in Zagreb

Bearing the aesthetic of a neo-film noir and set in the City of Zagreb "The Bambi Molesters - A Night in Zagreb" is a wild celebration of instrumental Rock 'n' Roll.

2011 The Kingdom of Survival

The Kingdom of Survival explores modern skepticism in America, challenges the status quo and uncovers provocative links between survivalist philosophy, ecumenical spirituality, radical political theory, and outlaw culture.

2008 The Folksinger – A Tale of Men, Music & America

The Folk Singer - A Tale of Men, Music & America is a journey into the souls of men, maverick roots music, and the dying old America.

2007 The Road To Nod

Six years in prison have given Parrish plenty of time to meditate on his criminal career and to devote himself to reading the Bible. If it is redemption he seeks, Parrish will have to take the road that leads to Nod.

2006 Zownir – Radical Man

Zownir - Radical Man is the portrait of Miron Zownir, one of the most censored photographers, filmmakers and crime novelists of our time. 

2005 Dead Brothers – Death is not the End

Enter the strange & beautiful world of the world's most famous funeral orchestra and watch them as they reflect on melancholy, joy, creativity, death & humor. 

2004 Voodoo Rhythm – The Gospel of Primitive Rock 'n' Roll

The Gospel of Primitive Rock 'n' Roll is the portrait of the legendary primitive Rock 'n' Roll record label Voodoo Rhythm Records and its iconoclastic founder, the primitive Rock 'n' Roll preacher Reverend Beat-Man.


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