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You are not in accord with the establishment? You challenge the status quo? You despise mainstream music? Meet your long lost family in Voodoo Rhythm - The Gospel of Primitive Rock 'n' Roll, the legendary primitive Rock 'n' Roll record label founded by the iconoclastic Rock 'n' Roll preacher Reverend Beat-Man. The Reverend has gathered maverick musical sheep from across the globe, he has risen the black flag and steers his ghost ship across oceans of Blues Trash, Cajun Punk, Country 'n' Eastern Funeral Sounds and wild out of control garage punk mayhem.
Voodoo Rhythm - The Gospel of Primitive Rock 'n' Roll is a testament to the D.I.Y. spirit and wild joyous individuality in an age of conformity and assimilation - a film that will certainly ruin any party and make you quit your 9 to 5!

VOODOO RHYTHM - The Gospel of Primitive Rock 'n' Roll

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