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M.A. Littler's transatlantic literature and arts magazine SARGASSO

Oscillating between Europe & America, SARGASSO is a transatlantic reservoir of underground & outsider literature & art. It will present twisted poetry & short prose, riotous & joyful funeral songs of the mind, gloomy & desperate barroom prayers, tainted drawings & illustrations – and marginalized photography.

It is named after the Sargasso Sea. It is there that both the American and European eel comes to spawn. Located in the center of the North Atlantic vertebra huge carpets of century-old seaweed merge with the plastic waste products of our culture. So dense and vast are these mats of seaweed and garbage that they appear to form their own sub-continent.

The Sargossa Sea is the only sea in the world with no fixed shoreline and no port. It has been home to ghost ships and pirates. The early navigators of the Columbus-era considered it the end of the world.

SARGASSO magazine aims to be as a place of cultural cross-fertilization - a shared road map leading to Terra Incognita.

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