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ARMENIA completed

ARMENIA is a cinematic interweaving of film, literature and history - a motion picture that deliberately refuses to adhere to the rules of traditional film genres. The world-weary singer Haig Boghos embarks on a personal journey revisiting his family's history of genocide, exile and diaspora. Alain Croubalian slips into the role of Haig Boghos, merging autobiographical and historical facts with poetic fiction. Haig Boghos is the archetype of the spiritually homeless wanderer. Through abstraction his as well as his family's history become a universal tale of displacement. In fictional letters to his deceased father, Boghos shares his thoughts and feelings with the audience and leads them on an introspective journey - a road movie of the mind. The elegiac imagery, subtle performance and hauntingly beautiful soundtrack seduce the audience into a psychological and historical journey into the unknown. Armenia simultaneously offers an insight into the inner world of a lost individual and into the collective consciousness of a long-suffering people.

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